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18 October 2005 @ 10:02 pm
Can anyone tell me what happened in Monday's episode? I've got family from overseas here at the moment so I managed to miss it. Anything interesting happen?
Ta :)
Catherine Earnshaw: olivia and alex - by aleatory_6giantessmess on October 18th, 2005 12:23 pm (UTC)
as far as I can recall:

- Lindsay and Mel - more angst. - both them and Michael have joint custody of the baby now. (this pisses Mel off).

- Justin told Lindsay that he would still be both their friends, and wont chose one over the other, because they were there for him since he met them.

- Debbie helped Rosie O'donnels character stand up to/get rid of her horrible husband. But now Rosies character thinks Deb is gay, she kissed her. Don't think Deb gets that it was a come on. Deb is having trouble being a 'lady of leisure' and misses her work.

- Brian made a super-hero themed night at Babylon to lure Michael out of his suburbia kick. But Michael didn't show.

Justin was cute and finished some of Brian's sentences in one scene. I love it when they're sweet.

- Ted got cosmetic surgery. don't know how he looked, but he screamed into the mirror.
Nicole: tweed! // __moonehneffable on October 19th, 2005 02:52 am (UTC)
Thank you!

I do like Justin and Brian sweetness XD
Illusive Spatulakylescutie on October 21st, 2005 07:48 am (UTC)

- Hunter has taken up swimming within his school and won the 50 metres (I think) but smacked his head on the side of the pool, causing him to bleed while still in the water. Kelly (Hunter's ex) jumped in the pool to see if he was okay but was instead instructed to get out by her parents as they yelled across the stadium "Get out! He has AIDs!" Needless to say, his teammates freaked out and Hunter now doesnt' want to go back to school.

- Michael and Ben had a dinner in their new house with their friends (a gay couple) and Michael invited Brian and Justin to come along. Brian fucked up, basically, making an ass of himself (I feel) by expressing his anti-marriage opinions and buying Michael and Ben a "sling" (or was it swing?) for their "playroom" - Michael was not impressed and thus did not show up for "Hard Heroes", Brian's superhero thing at Babylon.

- As giantessmess stated, Rosie's character cracked on to Debbie at Woody's after a few too many shots and kissed her, though I think Debbie was oblivious due to the fact she was a bit tipsy, lol. Though she did seem somewhat awkward when she was leaving, so she may have picked up on it.

- Jenny Rebecca or JR (either way, it's a stupid name) has now officially been split up three ways between Lindsay, Melanie and Michael (I wont' get too much into that because I was so pissed off in the end) - this came about because Lindsay hired Brian's lawyer friend who is an absolute hard-ass, threatening Michael and Melanie not to proceed further with legal action and to settle it amongst themselves (and their lawyers) by reminding them both of their faults; Michael with his "violent and pornographic comic book" and Melanie with her "putting her unborn child at a great risk of miscarriage" and, not to mention, "her own infidelity". Michael and Mel are pissed off with the way Lindsay handled things.

- Some very nice Brian and Justin love inserted somewhere in the middle of that. ;)